Camping Information

Alta River Camping is situated in scenic surroundings on the banks of the Alta River. The distance to the center of Alta is about 5 km. Highway 93 towards Kautokeino passes close by.

We appreciate the service and cleanliness at the forefront. And is just the thing for people who want to enjoy nature and the silence, perhaps combined with an experience like for instance. a stroll along the magnificent River Alta.

We offer many facilities for our guests with free use. 2 Kitchens with comment utensils, toilets, showers, water refill, toilet waste removal, water waste card, TV room, children playground and several bicycles for both children and adults.

We also offer our washing machines and dryers at an affordable rate of 40 per use each. There are 2 Saunas available for rent, one on the riverside, the other in the main building.

For fishing in the area around the campsite. If you like sea or inland fishing you have every chance here
2 Kitchens
TV Room
2 Washers + Dryers
2 Saunas
Sanitary Facilities
2 Barbecue Houses
Childrens Playground
RV Water Refil
Toilet Waste Removal
Water Waste Cart